A Look About... Photography

Photographing Today for All Your Tomorrows

A Look About... Photography

Photographing Today for All Your Tomorrows


A True to Life Photographer


Hi, I'm Niki Dunlap, owner and photographer, of A Look About...Photography. I have been blessed to live in the Wakulla area for many years. Capturing the beauty of Wakulla, the surrounding counties, and all that inhabit the area, is my passion.  

My photography focuses on Pet, Wildlife and Landscape Photography but encompasses Senior and Family as well. My photography style strives to capture beautiful moments that highlight the uniqu... Learn more

Your Happiness Is My Priority

My goal as a photographer is to ensure that our time together will be fun and creative. I want my clients to feel comfortable and to have an enjoyable photo shoot which allows me to capture the moment perfectly. Every photo that leaves my camera feels true to life, emphasizing the best aspects of any subject I photograph.

The aspects that set me apart from other photographers are my eye for detail and originality. My specialties include fin... Learn more

Your Photographic Experience

At A Look About...Photography, I specialize in capturing those special moments that you want to remember forever. I understand how important these memories are to you, and I strive to make sure the entire photoshoot experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

My dedication to the customer sets me apart from other photographers. I always aim to create a relaxed atmosphere––it’s not just about taking the perfect shot, but about making sure that t... Learn more